Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Requesting that one of the Drow Acolytes of Lolth submit to photography can be tricky, unless you can offer something they really, really, really want.

"I did stupid posing, now give me Lolly! Now!!"

"Next time you show face in Underdark, you better have more than one. Understand?"

This Draziirah skin was recently a prerelease skin Plastik sold for Lazy Sundays, with the understanding that more skins will appear soon. The pack included some glowing golden eyes I didn't show here. Looking forward to seeing more skintones and makeups! Please note that this skin is very dark so I used an extreme windlight setting to make it easier to see the details.

Underthings: Plastik "Valerian" (this was a Halloween edition but many other patterns in store)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Sugarskull Boots" (mesh)(Gacha)(Unhinged Fundraiser Exclusive)
Lolly: Shabby Tabby "SweetSkulls Mouthy" (Gacha lollies! bet you can't eat just one!)(Unhinged)
Hair: Exile "Miu"
Skin/Ears: Plastik "Drazirah [Aleria]"
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Fairy Eyes - wolf dark"
Adjustable Facelight: Nlight FREE 2.0 (SL Marketplace)
Poses: by ImpEle and Long Awkward Pose (unavailable)

The Unhinged Fundraiser is open until December 15. Read more about it.


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