Saturday, April 11, 2015


Pixie Princess Medium

I am starting to have quite a collection of fairy and pixie heads. Maybe not for everyday wear, because I like my original face, but these really are darling. This one was one of VCO's collection at the last Arcade gacha.

Pixie Princess Detail

I'm pretty sure having a butterfly on my real nose would make me sneeze. But pixies and butterflies are best buddies obviously.

Pixie Princess Full

Pixie Head: VCO "Fairy Mesh Head [Pixie] 01" (gacha)(includes skin and appliers)
Gown: Junbug "Ever After"
Lacy Undershirt: by PixelDolls (vintage unavailable)
Necklace: Daintree "Emmaline Collar" (gacha)
Tiara: Swallow "Tiara Fucsia" (SL Marketplace)(I tinted the metal gold)
Hair: Spellbound "SweetDreams"
Wings: Deviance "Sidhe Wings" (gacha)
Hands: by SLink
Pose: by Marukin


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