Saturday, January 16, 2016


Ariel Closeup

I laughed after I put this together, mostly out of bits and bobs that here hanging around in my bloggity folder. Some gacha. I adore gacha. An old necklace from a shop that no longer exists, some clamshells, and one of last year's swimsuits. I don't care, cause that's how I usually dress in real life too.

Ariel Full

Doll Head: Tentacio "Galatea Head Natural A" (gacha)
Doll Body: Tentacio "Galatea Mermaid Natural" (gacha)
Swimsuit Bottom: The Secret Store "Carmen Midkini"
Necklace: Erare "secrets necklace" (vintage gift)
Bracelet: Half Deer "Mermaid's Majesty Sea Glass Bracelet" (gacha)
Hair Accessory: Atomic "Mermaid Dreams Starfish Clip" (gacha)
Seashells: Quarantine "Mermaid Shell Top" (vintage)
Hair: Lamb "Afternoon Variety/Ombre/Eccentric" (gacha)
Location: Baja Norte


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