Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I was a kid I used to walk down to the beach and hang out all day. I would get too hot on the sand, but I could float or snorkel for hours and never get hot. You would think I would have learned to use sunscreen, but I guess the teenage brain really does work differently. I went home regularly sporting horrible sunburns just like this one. Lobster Red.

I think just maybe the sunburn set should have come with a big bottle of aloe vera gel. I lived in that stuff in the summertime. Trust me, aloe is the best ... and never put Noxzema on a bad burn. It feels good, but your skin will pay later.

I’m sure you’ve already seen Reek’s goggles and fins on other people but I couldn’t resist pairing them with Bare Rose’s new wetsuit. Of course the wetsuit comes in several colors, with shirt on and shirt off versions, with booties and gloves and surfboards, all at Ms. Dion’s usual ridiculous low price. And this smashing Reek gift comes with all pieces in eight different colors to match whatever. I modified the goggles to hang around my neck so you can see the horrific sunburn on my face. The Reek Sunburn pack comes with several versions of burn: with or without bikini lines, with or without glasses lines, farmer tans and so on.

Wetsuit: Bare Rose “Into Liquid”
Swimsuit: Surf Couture “Seaside One Piece”
Goggles and Swimfins: Reek “Flippers and Goggles” (Good Sh - - Hunt Gift)
Sunburn Tattoo: Reek “Sunburn”
Hair: booN “ZGO223”
Skin: YS&YS “Barbara TDR Summertime” (from the Dressing Room, unavailable)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Eyelashes: Glow Studio “Innocent. Eyelashes – pure”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Photostudio: by N30


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