Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tekk is the new club down at the old dock. When they offered me a security job I thought it would be fun. What was I thinking? Not like I was ever going to see any of the action inside the club.

It's a hot club in a bad part of town. Watching for trouble outside is a little risky. But no one wants the Gannano family looking for them later. Tonight someone hit me from behind. ... the shocker was, when I came around I still had my weapon.

*rubs the back of her neck*

(I love the jacket! ... but I think it's fair to mention that if you wear it without the collar, you can see where the seams are misaligned at the left shoulder. Still love it! )

Hat/Hair/Headset: Mirror “Casket Laby (Black/white)”
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses “K_gs Samurai”
Skin: Ugly Duck “Starlust Starlet”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Dog Tags: Abyss “Dog Tags Chain [Opium #10708]”
Shotgun: Breach “Sawedoff” (Supershorty version, set also includes Handcannons)
Jacket: Cheerno “KAHD Coat/printgray” (from the Dressing Room)(includes collar not shown)
Pants: Ibizarre “Leather Pants (silver)”
Boots: Cheerno “YAJI Silver”
Poses: Animazoo, Long Awkward Pose and Lost Angel Poses
Location: Skin City


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