Friday, October 1, 2010


Just stop and breathe. That's what I am doing this week.

But in between breaths, I made time to go see the Seasons Hunt like everyone else. :)

If you've seen all of these things before, that's all right. They're perfectly lovely anyway.

Most of this is from the Seasons Hunt, but not the shoes. ... For a couple of weeks I've been avoiding going to G Field because I wanted these shoes so bad. And not just one color either. You know how you see some things in Second Life and wish you could get them in Real Life? Yeah like that. Finally when I was in the mood for self-restraint, I went and bought them, only the two pairs in brown, and purple. Oy.

Sweater: Pig “There b Leaves on it T” (Seasons Hunt)
Dress and Corset: Ingenue “Highland Traveler” (Seasons Hunt)
Leafy in My Hand: Scribble “Seasons Hunt/Autumn Leaf” (Seasons Hunt)
Shoes: G Field “Square-toe Shoes ‘Sophie’” (color change piping and buckles)
Hair: Clawtooth “One Fine Day – AutumnMix” (Seasons Hunt)
Skin: Glance “Frieda”
Eyes: MADesigns “EYES_LIGHT – copper” (Make Him Over Hunt 4)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose and Pididdle
Location: New Trails


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