Thursday, March 24, 2011


Insilico has become a premiere Cyber spot. Looking back I remember when it was a fifth of the size it is today. Every time I visit it has grown and changed.

These days there is a new cybernetic tender at the Blue Ant.

Some things never change though ... if you leave the well lit central area and explore the back alleys and lower levels, be prepared to take care of yourself ...

... And have the common sense not to go where you don't belong.
(Unless you are looking for trouble?)

Many beautiful spots hidden around this station, if you take the time to look. This time I stumbled across a fantastic arboretum.

(INSILICO is a roleplaying sim with shopping, but you may visit to explore and take pictures. The genre is futuristic with human and cyborg inhabitants. I was just there for photos, but I was bending the milieu with my pointy ears and hooves, and would have to dress differently to roleplay. If you want more than one visit, get a combat meter and read the rules.)

Jacket: Silentsparrow “(minty) Puca Jacket” (March Mint Madness on Twomoons Island)
Wings: Lazy Places “Elda Wings Mint” (March Mint Madness, not scripted for flying)
Plasma Pistol: Seraphim Systems “The Countess” (combat scripted, includes a large bayonet)
Legs: Visavi “Der’An” (I added some basic black undies)
Ears: MW ilweran “Elf/Faun Ears” (with tinting HUD)
Goggles: Hat Mechanic “Stealth Goggles”
Hair: Clawtooth “Could I Resist?”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Pout-Whine 2”
Location: Insilico (a group of five sims)


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