Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There isn't really much to do here. The Count does not collect trinkets.

She sweeps every day and dusts a little. There really is no help for the old bloodstain on the chaise. But if she works slowly, she can seem busy most of the day.

Perhaps she is more decorative than useful, a nod to convention. A rich count is expected to have servants. Why else?

You can find far more than ballgowns at the Fashion For Life charity fundraiser! When I saw this dark and lovely gown, I immediately thought "roleplay". The apron made me think of a housekeeper, but the colors are so goth that I started looking for other accessories that would go with that theme at the other Fashion For Life vendors. The hair is black with blonde tips, but I tinted it bloody red and added the menacing eyes.

Gown: Kouse’s Sanctum “Jocelyn”(includes purple apron)(Fashion For Life benefit item)
Hair: Amacci “Suzy” (tinted)(Fashion For Life benefit item)
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise Eyes – Gacha Red” (Fashion For Life benefit Gacha)
Clawmarks: Blood and Scars “back scratches”
Featherduster: RC Cluster “Feather Duster (red)” (multicolor pack on SL Marketplace)
Shoes: Duh! “Spring Flats Ink”
Hairbase: booN “gathered lower hairbase”
Skin: Sanu “Gemini Pure Skin” (unavailable)
Eyeshadow: Plastic Flowers “Black Eyeshadow”
Bloody Lips: Glam Affair “Tattoo makeup TDR 13” (unavailable)
Eyelashes: Exodi “Eyelashes”
Alpha: Imabee “System eyelashes – begone!”


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