Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is fun to notice the symbolism of your dreams, but sometimes a train is just a train. Now your nightmares, on the other hand, have a lot to teach.

It usually starts gently, and goes wrong from there. It's easy enough to climb aboard a rusty old train, just out of curiosity.

A lot of nightmares and horror movies are rooted in our fear that we are becoming mechanized, becoming cogs in some machine and later realizing that the machine serves some evil purpose. At first it seems just brilliant, we get caught up in all our own cleverness, and then it all goes off the rails. (Ever see "The Tommyknockers" based on Stephen King?)

The train goes faster and faster but I need to run and run to keep up or I will fall off ... (I know that seems wrong but dreams have their own rules)

I couldn't run fast enough and my heart is pounding insanely as I tumble back into the waiting wheat.

We are terrified of being mechanized, but I am convinced that in the future, people will be far more terrified of Nature. I think our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be far too comfortable with the idea of interfacing with machines. Is resistance futile?

Jacket: Valentina E. "Bloused Sleeve Jacket" (new at Fameshed)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Lazy Boots" (new at L'Accessoires)
Corset: NV "Tan Verne Mesh Corset" (new-ish)
Glasses: Deco "Mesh Atomic Sunglasses" (texture change lenses)
Earrings: Bliensen and Maitai "Industrial Revolution"
Ring: Earthstones "Kameron Ring"
Watch: DCCXXIII "W19 Watch" (inavailable)
Hat: To A T "Gents Steampunk Regency Top Hat" (unavailable)
Undershirt: Boudoir "Lace Bodice"
Pants: Pink Outfitters "The Editor Pant"
Socks: Schadenfreude "Leith Spat Socks" (tinted)(comes with boots)
Violin: Bang "Strolling Violin" Pose Prop (with built in pose)
Hair: Exile "Stay the Night"
Skin: Curio ":GP: Acorn [Dark] Party Girl - Bubbly 2"
Poses: by Bang, Frooti and HelaMiyo
Location: The Far Away by AM Radio


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