Sunday, January 27, 2013


This month in the United States, women serving in the military have finally been offered the option to sign up for combat service. Its seems a dubious privilege, but I am glad that women now have the right to choose their own path in service, rather than having it dictated to them. But I suspect like most other decisions in the Capitol, the devil will be in the details. We'll see.

I realize that what I am wearing is not standard uniform for any army that ever existed, but it has the flavor. Most of the outfit was made by Gutterblood Spoonhammer over at Deco. These pieces are designed to be undemanding of sim resources, since they are good for roleplay. Many roleplay sims are laggy with scripted weapons and combat meter HUDs, so low script clothes are fab. I did put underneath some new cargo capris that were a recent release at Miel. These work well because they are the right length to wear with the boots. You can also wear them in camo.

Hat/Hair: Deco "Hers Fatigue Cap" (texture change several colors)
Jacket/Vest: Deco "Peacemaker Duster"
Pants: Miel "Cargo Pants Army" (texture change to solid or camo)
Gloves: Deco "Pilot Gloves"
Boots: Deco "Mud Boots"
Skin: Essences "Wednesday Dark" ( @The Dressing Room Fusion)
(caveat: I noticed a little seam on the left leg texture, but hey, it's only L$70!)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: LeLutka "Photoshoot II"
Poses: by Del May and Marukin


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