Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am a little late joining the party at the Cosmetic Fair, but I wanted to tell you that there are some really lovely offerings. I got a little bored photographing cosmetics in the conventional way, soo ...

The Ringmaster - Kooqla Little Dragon Eyes and Mango Lips 13

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your amazement and edification we offer you some beautiful freaks of nature! I am The Ringmaster.  (Kooqla "Little Dragon" Eyeshadows available in four colors, and "Mango" Lips also available in more than a dozen other color options.)

The Alien - Rozena Baby Gloss

Keep your distance from this deadly Alien beauty, you would be amazed how wide her multiple jaws can open! Do you think she is hungry? ("Baby Gloss" for Lips by Rozena, available in four colors.)

The SIamese Twins - Blacklace Harlow with Dead Apples Teeth

But there is nothing to fear from Rosie and Aggie, the Siamese Twins from Dorset. For three dollars they will stun you with their Bellydancing! Step right up!  (Blacklace "Harlow" cosmetics include tattoo lashes, and Dead Apples made the distinctive teeth. They come with or without the gap, and with twelve different alpha textures that give your mouth opening different appearance.)

Securatah - Elymode Confetti-ish and Galaxy Eyeshadows

(Showing here some bright trending eyeshadow by ElyMode, from the "Confetti-ish" and "Galaxy" sets, which together contain thirty-three different color variations, all sassy! The gold confetti shadow on the left is part of their free sample pack.) 

Do you have a ticket? The Cosmetics Fair is located HERE. If you could like to see more pictures of the offerings, here's a LINK to their Flickr page. The Fair runs through April 30th. There is no possible way I will be able to blog all the gorgeousness so you should go see for yourselves. Have fun! :D


p.s. Yeah yeah, I know, I'm a nut case.

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