Sunday, April 21, 2013


More options from the lovely Cosmetic Fair, in town until April 30!

The Highwire Act - Pink Acid 2Much Eyeshadow and Cupcake-Deja-Silk Glosses

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give your attention to the ladies high in the tent! They will risk terrible injury by performing without a net!  (Pink Acid "2Much Eyeshadow" in twelve colors, Lipglosses from left to right: Cupcake, Deja, and Silk in six, five and eight colors respectively.)

The Mystic - Paperbag Vibrant Eyeshadows

Madame Zelinsky can see your past and your future after you cross her palm with silver. (Paperbag "Vibrant" eyeshadows; I am showing all six colors! Freakishly of course.)

The Albino Sioux - Nuuna's

The Snow maiden of the Plains, the only albino known in her tribe, will demonstrate her deadly accuracy with bow and arrow, all from Horseback!  (Nuuna's v13 Makeups Pack includes 14 variations, all tintable.)

The Hirsute Trio - Mons Amazon

And the infamous hirsute Owens sisters! Voluptuous yet ... unusual. Need I say more?  (The Mons "Amazon" eyeshadows are available in ten colors.)

The Cosmetics Fair is located HERE. If you would like to see more pictures, here's a LINK to their Flickr page.


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