Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Fixations Full

I have to admit, I have a fixation on food. I find myself hungrily eyeing the sprinkles on this knit hat and I wish I could really eat the luscious cherry on top of the cone. I guess I shouldn't go shopping for clothes when I am hungry.

Fixations Shoes

I don't really go for the more risqué clothing at the Epic Store, but I still like a lot of their Kawaii accessories. All in bright candy colors. Or chocolate shoes that look almost good enough to eat. I could go for a Waffle Cone right about now. :D

Fixations More Shoes

Hat: MishMish "Bakery Fluffy Hat" (texture-change HUD)
Sleeves: Peqe "Fur Sleeves" (texture-change HUD)
Dress: Celoe "Chelsea Dress" (unavailable)
Leggings: Atomic "YumYum Leggings"
Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Shoes" (Chocolate)
More Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Pumps" (Orange)
Scarf: Mr. Poet "Wide Scarf" (gift)
Messy Mouth with Sprinkles: SugarHeart (unavailable)
Ice Cream: Imeka "Italian Ice Cream with Cherry"
Bangs: barberyumyum "bangs A"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Lipstick: Essences "Bijoux Lipstick 03"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Ears: by Mandala


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