Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I don't have time to go on hunts anymore, but I make a few exceptions.

My new home is beautifully crafted by Parajen Designs for the Steam Hunt.
I don't really need this much space, which makes it feel like a luxury.

So there I stood, trying to decide what to put where.

Good thing I'm wearing my Cogitator.

This desk came with more accessories, but I shunted some
of them aside to make room for some lab equipment.

And I brought the mech arm to make it easy
to hang lights and put stuff on the top shelves.

Hat: Hatpins “Steamy Victorian Cogitator” (Steam Hunt)
Magnifying Glasses: Amaranthus “Lacy Rust Steampunk Spectacles” (Steam Hunt)
Pin: Beloved “Keyhole Cravat Pin” (repurposed as a brooch)(Steam Hunt)
Armband Toolbelt: Mire “Pathfinder Utility Arm Belt” (Steam Hunt)
Mechanical Arm: Sculptify “Female Arm Extender” (male version included)(Steam Hunt)
Waistcoat: BlakOpal “Steampunk Waistcoat” (ladies corset also included) (Steam Hunt)
Pants: Silentsparrow “(copper) Severin Suit Pants” (from the newest group gift)
Skin: Mynerva “OMG That’s Adorable”
Hair: Bryce “Traveler Whitewash Alloy” (gift at Hair Fair)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Home: Parajen “Steam House” (you MUST have this!)(Steam Hunt)
Desk: The Epic Toy Factory "Rich Burled Desk Set” (more pieces not shown)(Steam Hunt)
Glassware/Lab Equipment: Hudson’s Illuminations “Lab Set” (Steam Hunt)
Poses: Animazoo and Long Awkward Pose

So many things to see! I can’t show it all, but you really should also have the Belle Belle Aether Headphones. The Spunkish Tophat from Camellia’s. Sometime you will need a boat just like the one from Cogoo, and a Steam Carriage like the one at Twisted Metal SteamWorks, and a Cepahlapod Vehicle from Lucy Rusts’ Boondoggle, and The Jetpack from Sparkworks, and the Davinci Ornithopter from NS6, and E. Bergamesco’s Hot Air Balloon ... The fabulous big clock from the Julia Collection and the fabulous little clock from Stainless Steam ... Scientific Equipment! Oh the scientific equipment! Kusshon’s Steampunk Workshop! The MURbot! The depictions of the solar system by the Golden Oriole and Ky’s Kreationz, the beakers and microscope and magnifying glass stand … just go! Go!


p.s. You may also visit the Steam Hunt Flickr Group to see more.

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