Thursday, September 23, 2010


Could you put on a little Luther Vandross?

I just melt in these eyes, and nothing but appreciation for the man wearing this skin. He is just mature enough, starting to get one or two silver bits in his hair.

An adult. And the jacket is like the man, just a little aged, but well cared for.

He knows how to dress up for a casual dinner.

Or dress down for a fly club. To introduce you to his best friends. (But what happened to his shoes?)

The skin pack from Tellaq also includes an older and still gorgeous version of the skin, with more silver hair, and clean shaven skin. He's lovely.

pictures one and two:
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style “Moore/MHOH4” (MHOH4)
Jacket: Alphamale “Classic Leather Jacket” (MHOH4)
Pants: HardWear “wrinkled jeans” (MHOH4)
Skin: Tellaq “Robinson Skin Style 2” (MHOH4)
Eyes: MADesigns “EYES_LIGHT – copper” (MHOH4)
Prop: Agapee Photo Container (MHOH4)

picture three:
Shirt: Gentleman Store “Dovadi Shirt Dark” (MHOH4)
Pants: Gentleman Store “Harlow Cuff Jeans (MHOH4)

picture four:
Jacket: Urban Republic “Black Hoodie – Dragon” (MHOH4)
Pants: Egoisme “Pant Difference” (MHOH4)


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