Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"Fight Club"
Shirt: Mortality “Bahama Tank” (MHOH5 Gift)
Pants: Be Happy “Spike Jeans” (MHOH5 Gift)
Shoes: Kiwi “Tubes Chuck (Brown)” (sorry they don’t show but they’re sweet!)
Hat/Hair: Colors “40A_Limited Blonde” (MHOH5 Gift)

Shirt: Roughnecks “Evil Skull Black”(MHOH5 Gift)
Pants: Souled Out “Men’s Jeans Rising Sun”(MHOH5 Gift)
Hat/Hair: Colors “Hat LightBrown” (MHOH5 Gift)

"Wastelands Buttkicker"
Shirt: H.O.D. Apparel “Tristan T – Grey” (MHOH5 Gift)
Pants: Poison “Tres60 jeans Normal” (also includes “plumber” jeans) (MHOH5 Gift)
Goggles: Kumaki Glasses Style “SteamDriverGoggles for MHOH” (MHOH5 Gift)
Boots: iSculpt “Urban Slayer Boots” (MHOH5 Gift)

"Bond. Inotto Bond."
Suit: Aalto Fine Menswear “Imperial Tuxedo”(MHOH5 Gift)

Vest: Jungle Wear “Braided Leather Vest” (MHOH5 Gift)
Pants: Jungle Wear “Braided Leather Low Rider Pants” (MHOH5 Gift)
Scarf: Zeerys “Warm Wrap Textile Scarf” (MHOH5 Gift)
Oh yeah you can see the waistband on my Vitamen Boxers.

"Where's my Ski Parka?"
Jacket: Kamrek Creations “Urban Jacket – Dark Gray” (MHOH5 Gift)
Pants: Superstar “Black Pants” (MHOH5 Gift)
Boots: Dustarrz “Leather Boots 01 MHOH5” (MHOH5 Gift) (I'm wearing these boots loose cause the pants didn't come on the underwear layer.)
Hat/Hair: Colors “Free A Ashblack” (store gift not hunt item, pick up the mega-color-pack while you're there!)

Most of the hunt is clothing but I really also liked the “Winter Bench” by RnB Designs Furniture and the “Sunday Chiller Rowboat” by Harry’s Houses and Design Creations. The SLURLS and hints if you need them are available over at the Make Him Over website.

Poses by Diesel Works, Long Awkward Pose, and MADesigns, Photostudio by N30, Skin by Ricochet, Eyes by MADesigns. Thx


p.s. I finally gave up on the idea that my husband might ever be much interested in Second Life, so Inotto is now officially my male alt. I've put too much work into him to throw him in the virtual dustbin so you'll see him now and again.

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