Friday, December 7, 2012


Actually, I would never have dared ask Santa for a Horse for Christmas! But here she is. I've called her Clementine. My jaw dropped when I placed her next to my skating pond. You should know that she is a Breedable horse from Awesome Breed Creations and she was a free gift from their shop at the Christmas Expo.

BUT you know there is a catch? Every shop in the Expo has a gift giver, but when you touch it, Santa decides whether you were naughty or nice this year. Most of us are naughty some of the time, so you might get a lump of coal or aomething like that. But if Santa decides you were very good, you can get something very very NICE! Like Clementine.

Did you notice that there are two gifts in the picture? The Amaretto Breedables shop Santa said "naughty" and treated me to a steaming pile of horse poo. But if you get the poo, you can go back two hours later and maybe Santa will change his mind :P

I think it's refreshing that this Christmas Expo is less focused on just fashion and has many more creative gifting ideas for your friends and the people you love. The breedables category this year includes dogs and cats, bunnies, horses, creatures-not-possible-in-real-life, plants and even SHOES! Breedable shoes? Who knew? You need to go see all this stuff to believe it!

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