Monday, October 7, 2013


House of Despond Landscape

I figured, if I'm going to spend a ridiculous amount of time decorating my little place for Halloween, I might as well take some pictures and blog it, right? ... Disclaimer: Just because I am blogging it doesn't mean I'm done. I'm still looking for some ground covers I like, and I may set out my skelly flagstones if I have any more prims left.

House of Despond Entry

Come on in! I don't bite ... hard.

House of Despond Knick-knacks

I've been collecting Halloweeny bits for years, and this year I finally found a low-land-impact treat bucket to rez. The kicker is, this kitty bucket is a duplicate of one I have in real life :D Instant favorite!

House of Despond Fireplace

House: Trompe L’Oeil “Frostbite Cottage” (includes snow and trees not shown)
Lamppost: Atelier Visconti “Noir Triple Street Lantern”(new)
Bench: Atelier Visconti “Noir Bench” (new)
Tree: Trompe L’Oeil “Spookytree”
Pumpkins: Rebel Extravaganza “Deco Pumpkins” (only on SL Marketplace)
Cauldron: Rebel Extravaganza “Witch Cauldron” (only on SL Marketplace)
Mailbox: Botanical “Vintage Porch Mailbox” (lots of colors)
Flamingoes: Schadenfreude “Orange Plastic Flamingoes”
Bat Hanging from Eaves: D-Lab “Bat 01-trans”
Music: Contraption “Orchestrion: Haunted Maze” and “Music Box: Sinister” (gacha)
Bookcases: Alouette “Georgia Bookcase” (several woodtones)
Skeleton Doll: Schadenfreude “Voubou: Bones” (gacha)
Skeleton Kitty: Schadenfreude “Chibi Cat: Bones” (gacha)
Potted Mushrooms: New Trails “Mushrooms” (texture change)
Candy Apple Dish: Floorplan “Candy Apples Platter” (tinted)
Candy Bucket: Lark “Candy Bucket – Cat” (Candy Fair)
Potion Bottle: Amala Potions “Lilac’s Laxative” (gacha)
Floor Lamps: Trompe L’Oeil “Star Duo Ground Lamps Gold and Deep Purple”
Kindling Basket: Apple Fall “Woodstock” (gacha)
Candlestick: Post “Humble Candlestick” (gift)
Painting: “Belladonna” by MiaSnow and Trindolyn Beck



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