Friday, October 11, 2013


Unlucky One Medium

The Wizarding Faire has been great fun. I don't even mind how much moolah I spent, it was just lovely! Beetlebones has a lovely Frog and Toad gacha, and Silentsparrow brought us several varieties of Newts. I have several adorable new pets. And one that isn't adorable at all.

Unlucky One Closeup

I thought I was pretty lucky to receive a Rare frog out of the Beetlebones gacha, but apparently the Surinam Pipa toad is considered Unlucky. It certainly is weird. Even gross ... I read about them on Wikipedia. There are baby toads embedded in their Mother's back. Eww.

Unlucky One Full

And several beautiful Hogwarts-themed props. I couldn't resist the Quidditch set and some Charms textbooks. Three of the little books are flying around!

Frogs: Beetlebones "Desert Rain Frog" and "Surinam Pipa" (Wizarding Fair)
Newt: Silentsparrow "(Green) Newt! Derp" (Wizarding Fair)
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui "Batty Shoes" (Wizarding Fair)
Quidditch Crate: Standby "Quidditch Crate" (Wizarding Fair)
Charms Books: Lark "Charms (Books Animated)"
Outfit: Fateplay "Jenny (Ravenclaw)"
Necklace: Merlin's Beard "Time Turner"
Hair: D!va "Giz"
Skin: Essences "Lily"
Lipgloss: Essences "Honey Lipbalm 08" (Candy Fair)
Hands: by SLink
Poses: by Animazoo, Bang and oOo Studio
Bookcases: Alouette "Georgia Bookcases"
Potions Textbook: Quality Quidditch Gear "Advanced Potion-Making"


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