Thursday, September 24, 2009


A swirling wind is stirring the leaves and clouding the air, making it difficult to see my way through the woods. My eyes sting, but I can see a woman approaching through the trees. Oddly, the wind and leaves are noisy but her footsteps are silent.

As she pauses a few feet away, something changes in me and I cannot move. I am fascinated and a bit nauseated with fear. The tension between those two feelings is turning my senses and reason upside down.

"Come here child", she croons.

Outfit: Monsoon “Storm’s Edge Fantasy Gown” (includes hair and shoes)
Skin: Frick “Fisticuffs – Noir” (wearable demo)
Eyes: Heaven 4D “4D – Eyes – Vampire”


edit: I forgot to mention this outfit pretty primmy, the outfit is all made of basic prims except for the "wing skeletons" and dress collar which are sculpted.

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