Sunday, September 13, 2009


I saw the SteamClock while on the Steam Hunt and was instantly impressed. The clock was sitting on top of this simply EVIL desk that I was trying to open, but I stopped a few minutes for a close look anyway. Back to the desk ... I suspected it held secret compartments and was pushing, pulling and trying to force open the drawers. Finally I managed the correct sequence (!) to open the large middle drawer, which did not contain the gear for which I was searching, but instead a good clue where to look. I was pleasantly surprised later to find that the hunt prize was this lovely SteamClock! (Though I would love to buy the desk too ... ) I zoomed in to show you the face of the clock, but you really should look at it yourself. It needs to be seen in motion: moving cogs, piston, motes of light, subtle sound ... wow. Really.

Touch everything in this store. Go up and look at the observatories-slash-skyboxes on display up above. Little galaxies in a globe. Lovely.

Oh, and if you would like to see a few more of my favorites from the Steam Hunt, visit My Flickr page.

Clock: Quaint and Curious Contraptions Gift for the Steam Hunt


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