Friday, September 11, 2009


Applause to the organizers and creators who participated in the Twisted Hunt for again putting together a fabulous and well organized experience! *standing ovation* \O/

My first selection to show you is the gift from Blue Blood. It includes both a male and a female outfit in gorgeous goth. I am inspired by Monty Python to describe these garments as black, black, black, black, black, bloody, and black.

Are you sensing a theme in the pictures I chose, Hmm? This gown was provided by Goth1cO.

And I love the Headless AO from Creative Insanity. The Pose is a long animation rather than just a static pose, a must have. Now my problem is, shall I wear the Creative Insanity Witch AO for Halloween? Or this new Headless AO? *bites nails*

Now I took lots of pictures of my favorite Twisted Hunt stuffs and put them up on My Flickr if you would like to see them. (Photos of gifts by 108, Blue Blood, Burning Chrome, Creative Insanity, Demonic Skin, DV8, Gehenna, Goth1cO, LG Bikes, Mad World, Nocturnal Coffin Company, Otaku Designs, Silver Wheel, SMOTD, Stone Misery, and Wicked Needs.) I couldn't photograph them all, I quit at sometime after 3 a.m. :) There are so many other gorgeous things and you should really do the whole hunt. The Official Twisted Hunt site is over here. And there is a Twisted Hunt Group if you need help.

(In these pictures I am also wearing the Demonic Skin which is a hunt gift, and Gritty Kitty hair which is not.)


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