Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MENstuff 1 of 4: Roleplay

While selecting what to keep from this men's hunt, it suddenly occurred to me that the things that I keep usually fall into one of four categories, which seem to be perfect to talk about in four instalments of bloggity bloggage ... so part one is Roleplay gear.

So check out this military kit. The TShirt shows an old miltary-political propaganda piece, and you can't go wrong with camo and another set of kicks.

I love these, even though they don't meet all the benchmarks I set for my fashion boots. The boot construction is a bit old-school; each is made of two pieces that attach to the foot and the lower leg, istead of one piece with an alpha mask to hide the foot like the newer ones are made. These boots arent made of a zillion prims, with separate parts for each eyelet and section of shoelace. These boots have the shoelaces painted on. They don't change on touch to 15 colors. But if you like to Roleplay in a DCS or CCS sim with dozens of scripted weapons and combat meters, you might want to keep your boots simple. And if you look up close, the textures are beautiful.

Unless you're really new to Second Life, you know that there are roleplay communities for every genre of literature and movies. This one seems more or less old-west but if you lose the hat, remove the arm-bands, and swap out the collar for a frilly cravat, you could repurpose the rest of the outfit easily.

Here's another pair of shoes that is old-school in construction, but you never know when you will need gold-stitched paisley brocade. Right?

Shirt: b[ELLE]issima! “Propaganda Muscle Tee”
Pants: b[ELLE]issima! “Jeans – Cargo Pocket – Camo”
Boots: Deco “Test Boots – Newsprint”

Suit: SF Design “The Virginian”
Shoes: Fear & Clothing “Frankie Shoes – Paisley Gold”

Skin: &Bean “Dear John Can of whoop-a**”
Eyes: MADesigns “Eyes_Nature – Nature Run”

Everything shown is from the MENstuff hunt. Before you hunt you might like to peruse the official Landmarks and Hints page and view pics at their Flickr page.


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