Friday, February 4, 2011

MENstuff 3 of 4: Quirky Everyday

What's quirky about a sports jersey, you ask? The team I guess ... a guy who wears an obscure team isn't just on the bandwagon. I really wouldn't have wanted a Lakers shirt.

And why a picture of walking a dog? I have no idea.

Hockey Jersey: Violation Inc. “Ovechkin”
Pants: Evoke “Wrecked Jeans”

Shirt: arnadi “Tshirt Let the Dog Out”
Pants: Love-In-Idleness “Rocker Jeans”

Skin: &Bean “Dear John Can of whoop-a**”
Eyes: MADesigns “Eyes_Nature – Nature Run”

Everything shown is from the MENstuff hunt. Before you hunt you might like to peruse the official Landmarks and Hints page and view pics at their Flickr page.


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