Friday, February 4, 2011

MENstuff 4 of 4: Details

I don't usually go for this many piercings but this set was really well made. It's not looking perfect in this photo, but that's because Inotto's shape is freaky and assymetrical. I love the piercings in the bridge of the nose but I think I'll unlink and ditch the nosering ... and oO these eyes are a keeper! Yum.

I have to tell you, what wins me the most to a piece is craftsmanship. If I fall in love with beautiful details, I'm willing to step outside of my usual style to try something different. This vest for example? Its a little more "Southwestern" than my usual, or could be used in a "boho" look which isn't my usual either. But when I tried it on I took a closer look at the notions on this vest and my mouth hung open for a second.

The buttons on the front ...

... and the cinch on the back of the waist. The texture of the vest fabric is realistically puckered as you would expect if it was cinched. Job well done.

Skin: &Bean “Dear John Can of whoop-a**”
Eyes: MADesigns “Eyes_Nature – Nature Run” wow.

Piercings: Razorblade Jacket “Sweet Spiked Face” and “Spiked Ear Piercings”

Vest: Connors “Denim Vest Red” (with sculpted buttons and a buckled cinch in the back)
Shirt: SF Design “Virginian Dress Shirt” (part of outfit, not wearing collar)
Pants: Evoke “Wrecked Jeans”


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