Saturday, February 23, 2013


The Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz Shop sells the bits and bobs to make these cute little avatars. Much smaller than the smallest standard avatar, but not quite as small as the tiny fairy avatars you see about. The nice thing is, you can try the shape for not too much money. I purchased this lovely head with sparkly cheeks very inexpensively, while the bodies and a few pieces of starter clothing are available in the store for free. The hair was free, but I recolored it with a haircolor HUD that can be reused on many other Hairstyles in the Curious Kitties shop.

The Dress you can't exactly buy; I played the "Tumble Kitty" game in the store, and was awarded this tiny dress. But the texture was an odd kittycat print that wasn't my cup of tea, so experimentally I rezzed it on the ground at the sandbox, and retextured it. I could have added hands and boots, but I actually like the imcomplete look.

Head: Curious Kitties "Kittenz Sally Head"
Body: Curious Kitties "Kittenz Avatar Body" (gift)
Hair: Curious Kitties "Nyanotech Hair [Type A] - Dolly V3" (gift)
Hair Texture HUD: Curious Kitties "Nyanotech HUD - Standard [Type A]" (greyscale colors)
Dress: Curious Kitties "Cute Tumble Ghost Nya" (re-textured)(Tumble Kitty Game)
Eyes: May Girl "Eyes - BigSize Set - Amber"


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