Saturday, May 25, 2013


Home n Garden Expo

Yay the Home and Garden Expo got started yesterday and I am all hyped by all the fun things I saw there! If you need a reason to shop, every store there has at least one item set in a charity vendor to benefit Relay for Life. But I don't really need an excuse to shop right? This year not only are there eight sims of shopping, and one sim for events and live entertainment, they have added two sims for breedable pets. And there is a Hunt going on with some nice prizes. And I heard a rumor that some runway models are walking around in bikinis.

Ionic Bed

One of the reasons I love this kind of venue shopping events is to become acquainted with new work from shops I have never before seen. Today I am showing one of these, a store called Ionic. Yup they do make cute mainstream furnishings like the Alison bed and the Cosmia chair, both available in various colors and textures. But also ...

Ionic Muzikal

Also they like to do musical accessories. The old drum set registered a 8.7 on my So-Cool-o-meter. And the Amplifier-with-Throw-Pillows seating is their store's charity benefit item. Love it!

Bed: ionic "Alison bed - turquoise"
Chair: ionic "Cosmia chair -blue birds-"
Drum Kit: ionic "[Engrama] drums"
Amp Seating: ionic "amp-pillows seat" (RFL benefit item)


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