Wednesday, May 29, 2013


On the Sidewalk Two

The Home and Garden Expo this week also has many furnishings of the sort you might need to build an urban sim. I picked a few things to show you, which you might see out on a sidewalk in town, or perhaps outside a restaurant.

I set out a pad of Barnesworth Anubis' pavers, suitable for an outdoor café or for your patio at home. Dysfunctional Designs made us a pretty little Grape Trellis in three shades of wood, and I set out the plain pine version of this Garden Café Table and Chair from What Next. It comes in several cute pastel shades too.

On the Sidewalk One

This Mailbox is a functional notecard box your shop can use to receive messages. It was put out as one of two charity benefit items by JD Creations. What I love is that this maker does not even have an in world shop but is still stepping up to help us raise funds for cancer research.

On the Sidewalk Three

Finally a more conservative arrangement, featuring Tranquil Homes' Bistro Patio set with three of Barnesworth Anubis' neatly clipped Stone Planters.


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