Sunday, May 26, 2013


ABC Jousting Display at the Expo

This is a squeak-worthy snapshot of the Awesome Breed Creations booth at the Home and Garden expo! ABC horses are not only breedable, but also raceable, and coming soon there will be Jousting and Quests! I have been breeding their Clydesdales and Drum horses for about five months now, and love the whole knight-in-armor fantasy genre, so you know I'll be going to the jousting tournaments!

I'm prejudiced; I love my herd so much that I don't have prims to spare for a house these days. Every year the folks at ABC have a couple of charity benefit horses so let's see the latest at the Expo:

RFL Horse at the Expo

The two breedables sims are having a treasure hunt, go see the pirate and start the hunt for fun gifts from all the breedables booths. I shouldn't give too much away Shhhh  XD

Read more about the Home and Garden Expo HERE.
Read more about ABC horses HERE.


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