Friday, May 31, 2013


The Little Things

The Home and Garden Expo is still out there, fundraising for Relay For Life, through this Sunday, June 2, and you know you should shake your tail feathers and get over there if you haven't been already. I think I'm going to wind up my coverage of this event a little early, if you don't mind, before Gacha madness starts tomorrow, by showing you my favorite purchase at the Expo, this lovely little gem from Zigana. Why is it my favorite thing? Why not? Thinking about my buying habits, I am attracted to quirky, eclectic, meticulously crafted, mostly useless furnishings. Some people are realists, but I am not the least interested in my home having a toilet or a kitchen sink. If I set up a bed, it is usually out of doors under my tree. I would rather have chairs, lots of chairs, and a telescope, and this abacus.

Zigana "Antique Abacus" (at the Home and Garden Expo)


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