Monday, May 27, 2013


Weeding Day One

What, you were expecting a fluffy white dress? No, this is really weeding day. Anything with thorns has got to go. But the sweet wildflowers are staying. I planted these purples I found at the Forest Feast booth at the Expo. The Expo has a few stores that specialize in outdoor landscaping supplies rather than the ubiquitous home furnishings.

Weeding Day Two

My helper is a talented gardener. (Dwarfins are interactive breedables, but this is an Avatar that is their Expo Hunt prize.) But it's a warm day, and after work there is nothing like cool water. The Atelier Visconti fountain has several playful animations for singles, and some couples animations I haven't tried yet. :D

Weeding Day Three

Avatar: Dwarfins "Rigged Mesh Female Gardener" (Expo Hunt Prize)
Tree: Forest Feast "Sweet Memory Tree" (Home and Garden Expo)
Flowers: Forest Feast "Spring Field Grass Purple" (Home and Garden Expo)
Fountain: Atelier Visconti "Fountain Octagonal" (Home and Garden Expo)
Grass: Forest Feast Store Gift
Horses: by Awesome Breed Creations


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