Friday, August 21, 2009


I stand in front of the mirror, open mouthed, looking at the coat. The asymmetrical flaring collar and lapel, the deep texture of the heavy fabric, contrasting strikingly with the sheer floral trim at the collar and cuffs, and the sheer panel floating inside the coattails. The chocolate brown is so warm and comforting. Pure luxury.

I love how the subtle the color is, compared to the deep golds of the rest of the outfit.

This brooch from Alchemy Immortalis is posh enough to wear with it, and highlights the golds of the corset and trousers.

Coat: LeeZu “Au Revoir De Sade Earth”
Corset: PixelDolls “Bella Corset Black” (tinted)
Pants: Pixel Passion “Casual Jeans Golden”
Brooch: Alchemy Immortalis “Ami Amet Deli Pencet French Brooch” (colorchange)
Shoes: Tesla “High Oxfords Chocolate”
Skin: Your Skin & Your Shape “Vanessa Tan 00 Basic”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”


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