Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Walking in Kowloon, I smile nicely and act respectfully ...

... But I carry a weapon just in case. Today I am armed with the Hunter's Bow from Harbinger and Stormie designs. This store specializes in all kinds of ancient weapons needed in many roleplaying sims but does not manufacture guns or other modern weaponry. I love that their weapons include a HUD (heads up display) that lets me control my weapon features without constantly referring to notecards for chatline commands. Their bows and crossbows use several types of arrows for roleplay in addition to traditional weaponry, including signal arrows, flaming arrows, rope arrows and (my personal favorite) dung arrows. *low dirty laugh*

I'm still wearing my AM Radio aviator glasses that he gifted us at his hangar on the Refuge and Expansion sims. The sims are gone now so they aren't available anymore. You can also just see the IndustrialRevolution earrings made of great steampunky cogs.

Sweater: Cupcakes “Cropped Cardi”
Shirt: Whippet & Buck :Hykova Buttoned Tank” (tinted)
Skirt: Kurotsubaki “boro_skirt”
Boots: Studio M’z “M’z Lace up Boots B.H.black”
Socks: Ducknipple “socks – 01”
Glasses: AM Radio “Aviator Goggles Brown”
Earrings: Bliensen+Maitai “IndustrialRevolution”
Bracelet: Raven’s Nest “Feather_Bangle(raven)”
Weaponry: Harbinger & Stormie Designs “Hunter’s Bow”
Skin: IC Skins RIO Gia Neutral Lizard”
Hair: Kosh “Fanny From the Tree”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: [LAP] and Reel Expression
Location: Kowloon Sim


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