Monday, August 17, 2009


This hair is a fabulous chunky do, blocky with no hint of flexi, like a helmet, with a digital marquee of oriental characters orbiting round the cranium. Much more incredible in world than in still photographs. I have other cat eyes but these silvery eyes are startling and go well with the metallic bodysuit and cybernetics.

Whether your cybernetic improvements are necessary replacements after an accident, or optional upgades, they make this kitty powerful for work, play or battle.

The tail and ears change on touch to several colors and twitch occasionally to show your mood.

And the boots. Damn.

Bodysuit: ELSEwear “glossy-hi-tech”
Cybernetics: Bare Rose “Simple Cyber Arm”
Boots: DV8 “Steam Kitteh Boots”
Necklace: KatatOnik “Locked Heart” Choker
Hair: AVZ “Synthetique”
Kitty Parts: Hogwash “Chameleon Neko” Ears and Tail
Eyes: Ephemeral “Neko Eyes”
Skin: Burning Chrome “Twi’lek Purple”
Poses: Diesel Works and Lazy Places


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