Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A pretty ordinary evening in the Wastelands. Really. Just try to stay away from Reavers.

Only a fool would walk around here after dark without equipment. I have plenty up my sleeves. If you don't like it dark you can burn something. But I wouldn't waste any ordnance on that If I were you.

This belt comes with medical supplies as well as weapons in case anything goes wrong. The medic kit doesn't show in the pictures but I figured two shots of the bag is already overkill ... so to speak.

This Grenade bag has such amazing detail in the textures ... the craftsmanship is really fabulous. For instance, if you look under the flaps on the pouches he baked on shadows. The color of the fabric parts toggles on touch between khaki and black but the detail shows better on the khaki color. (touch pics to see more detail)

Bag: TonkTastic “Stielhandgranaten bag” (colorchange)
Jacket: DeLa “Bette”
Shirt: Schadenfreude “Black Ghost Skelebeater”
Pants: WoE GRJ-M3E Men’s Lucas Jeans”
Boots: House of Curios “Leather Laced Boots” (colorchange)
Hair: Miau Haus “Valen”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Skin: Rockberry “Character Skin Lily”
Poses: Long Awkward Pose and Animazoo
Location: Wastelands


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